3D Walk Through Investigative Tours for Real Live Uses

A Brief introduction by App-Raiser Digital, Malta – 22 January 2019

Presented by Gorg Borg D’Anastasi

3D models are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for investigating property damage and for Crime Scene Investigation.

This is why we at App-Raiser Digital have acquired the 3D Matterport System and we are now able to capture the 3D-images of fire sites, water-damaged sites, crime scenes, and more – totally independent of human intervention.

Demonstration Example. Please click to walk through the made-up crime scene


With an error of only one percent, this revolutionary camera is a technological feat, surpassing human capability and defying human fallibility. With a resolution of 134 megapixels and 3D accuracy, this is phenomenal state-of-the-art technology at the fingertips and the capacity for 4K print quality photography will ensure that all that needs to be detected and documented will be done so with the utmost integrity.

Scan and capture a loss, document and collect evidence more quickly than ever before, resulting in less interruption to restoration work. In case of litigation bring the jury to the scene – the next best thing to being there.

With a 3D ‘Walk-Through’ model you can:

< Create court admissible documentation: The 3D models we create are machine-made, with no possibility for human manipulation. Photos and measurements are time stamped and court admissible, eliminating any possibility of fraud and abuse. Unlike estimating software sharing such as .esx files, the  scans made to create the 3D model cannot be modified in any way.

< Memorialise the scene: 3D models provide comprehensive and immersive documentation. Avoid scene spoilage and capture all the evidence you need quickly and completely. Release the scene faster for restoration efforts to commence.

< Bring the jury to the scene: The ultimate litigation tool – 3D models are court admissible and are the best evidence of a loss. Have the jury experience what it’s really like to “be there” virtually. Additionally, with our 3D models you can also produce print-ready photos in 4K resolution to capture and document traditionally when needed.

< Guarantee confidentiality and authenticity: In order to comply with all confidentiality requirements, the 3D models we create can blur faces and remove personal identifiable information. Meta-data secure; photos are date and time-stamped ensuring that imagery and dimensions are tamperproof. 3D data cannot be edited and is much richer in content than 2D photos.

< Accurate floor-plan and a measuring tool: Forgo tape measures and paper sketches. We can automatically generate detailed schematic floor plans displaying dimensions within 1% accuracy.

< Digital Tagging: Use “Mattertags” to add investigative notes and attach video/audio files for documentation. Numerous file formats can be attached to further document subrogation information for insurers/investigators.

< Increase collaboration: Share 3D models with risk engineers, adjusters, insurance carriers and policyholders. Resolve questions and concerns by virtually walking the property together. Giving all the different stakeholders on a claim complete field transparency means that everyone works more accurately, quickly and efficiently.

Gorg Borg D’Anastasi